Psychologists Can be Pseudo(2)

If after your first visit you are invited for a second round, your anxiety levels reach a notch higher because you are about to discover facts about yourself which you have hitherto  not known. Lo and behold, after about an hour of further discussion, you are gently advised that there are broad indications that you need further sessions to enable the good listener to decide whether you have a clinical problem or not. This may well be a a case of the psychologist making a genuine effort to determine if there is truly a need for psycho analysis and treatment. If that is the case then there is no cause for concern. The problem arises when all is truly well with you but are asked to keep going back for further consultation only to be told after several visits (and paying consultations fees on  each visit) that you are perfectly alright. I wonder if a second opinion establishes that these several visits were totally unnecessary, there might be a case for law suit.


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