It has been often said that the largest room in the world is the room for learning. Expanding on that cliché must necessarily be the thought that the opportunities and the necessities for exploration are equally limitless: everything, everybody, every mind, every geographical, and spatial arenas can be endlessly explored. It is amazing how this relentless search can reveal new discoveries almost at every turn. It is the culture of not continuing this exercise in exploration, especially in human relationships, at personal, political, commercial and physical levels that often leads to disruption.

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Indefinable Inefficiency

When you think someone is inefficient you are merely announcing your view about somebody else. When somebody feels that they are mostly inefficient in what they do, it is a view that is rarely shared by others. This universal competition between the objective and subjective standards provides a very nice conundrum in trying to define inefficiency. Thus I would be quite safe if I venture to proclaim that inefficiency is perhap only in the eyes of the beholder and the victim of someone else’s inefficiency.

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Nothing Nobody

Our relevance – be it absence or presence is so microscopic that it might as well be non-existent. That is the measure of our facelessness in the world today. Even the digitalised world has totally ignored the individual. We are nothing, nobody. Being faceless is both a boon and a bum. We can go about doing our thing and nobody cares. Nobody will mess around. Yet the powers that be need us the faceless masses to prop them up. Momentarily we become people with an identity and relevance. This lasts but a whisker and then it disappears. We will revert to role and become faceless io make the multitude.
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Patience a Queen of Virtues

We hear preached in almost all religions and communities of the virtues that needs to be acquired and practiced in order to be a member of a community – just to be a member, not any much more, not to be distinguished, not to be a standout,not to be a special one. It is also worth noting that not all virtues contribute to such achievements.In fact arrogance and pride seem to propel some people to the top of the totem pole. Yet it is patience that will eventually prove to be the queen of virtues because it is patience that is the underlying platform for all other virtues. It is a virtue that is all conquering and all providing. It will create in a person the very foundation to be able to be humble, to be honest, to be tolerant, to be neutral, to have no racial or religious bias or prejudice. One can go on endlessly to enumerate the positives that can be achieved if one is patient.

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Global society is controlled by powers that be that dictate almost all aspects of life. In the face of such awesome power the individual cannot but help feel powerless. The recent school shootings in Florida and the massive demonstrations demanding corrective action was all noise and fodder for the press. The entire situation has died in a whimper. Presidents and Prime Ministers act with audacity (and in a large measure, with impunity) in a brazen disregard for public opinion because once entrenched in power, they have endless means to legitimately manipulate the system to ensure their continued presence in office.

In the face of such massive power the average person has no means to even feel resistant leave lone seeking to want to resist. In this apathy lies the main strength of those who abuse power – they know they will get away with it because no one will kick up a row. The few that do voice complaints will be heard and forgotten.

Convoluting Tradition

It has been a time honoured tradition in common law that when the court of first instance acquits a person in a criminal trial, it will be rare indeed for the prosecution to appeal unless of course gross injustice has occurred or public interest demands otherwise. Now, in a country which purports to boast of tremendous common law tradition, has recently had the prosecution acting in bizarre style. The prosecution appealed the order of acquittal, the higher court maintained the acquittal but the prosecution went on to appeal that dismissal of appeal. The court of appeal did the unthinkable – they not allowed the appeal but imposed sentence without even considering the equity of sending the case back for review by the court of first instance.

There has been a queasy awareness in the minds of the public that the judges can seldom go against public bodies in any litigation. One wonders if this audacious turn of event is fuel to the fire.


Almost all that is not permitted is not allowed. In this statement lies the entire dictatorship of the world. In most legal domains it is said that if it is not prohibited, it is allowed. These seemingly contradictory statements summarises the fabric of how we have to live our lives. In my country for example, it is the rule that if there is no sign prohibits a U Turn, you are allowed to make a u-turn. Yet in many streets they have a sign that says u-tun is allowed. One is lost as to which of these two rules to follow.This is the dichotomy of life in almost all aspects of society, whether it be in personal relationships or in our daily way of life.

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