Urge to Trace

It is almost a mania to want to know, all the time, as to what caused a particular result. The urge to want to trace the events that led to a particular result is so irresistible that you constantly seek to discover it all. This can and in fact does does cause unnecessary pressure to build up and distract you from time that you can use more positively in pursuit of your career, your relationships or your studies. Wanting to know the reasons behind a situation may help to correct the future and help improve your own conduct but to be besieged by an urge to know is like like lying down and spitting in the air. It will only fall on your face.
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Noisy but Dumb

I have two friends – one a beagle and the other a mix between a male Dalmatian and a Spitz. How they managed this is still everybody’s guess. These two fellas are so communicative with their glances, stares and winks that they are able to convey accurately exactly what is in their minds. I am unable to imagine how two individuals can be so noisy notwithstanding that no other noise beside a bark or a growl or even a whimper can emanate from their mouth. This is an ideal I dare not share with my wife. That is why they such nice friends.

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Impressions are often created as a means to an end. In love, work and at play impressions are a vital link between ambition and achievement. The trouble begins if your impressions do not have a cause. Only if you have cause can your commitment be there. Creating an impression for the sake of impressing only but not for achieving a desired goal is an exercise in futility.


Catapult to Chaos

The very essence of sudden success is the situation where you are unexpectedly and perhaps unintentionally shot into apposition where your achievements are abruptly recognized and being rewarded. However you now in a position that you did not expect to arrive until much later but you are now judged by present success and expected to perform to that level if not better. If you can well and good but if not your job will be a series of chaotic decisions. My thinking is not to seek a catapult to success but rather a gradually rising ladder.

Adrift In a Crowd

Although adrift often implies loneliness or being alone, moving without a sense of direction, it can also be dramatic appreciation of yourself as your best companion. That is why even in the most crowded parties or locations, you can be adrift and yet not be alone because you are enjoying your own company. Being adrift is a nice little personal journey – whether it be spontaneous or brought on by unexpected circumstances.


Notorious Is Enjoyable

Notoriety is mostly considered the opposite to famous. This is not necessarily correct. They say that the tag notorious comes alive when an unpleasant or cruel deed is repeatedly committed by someone. That person becomes notorious. The evaluation of what is good or bad surely must depend on the person perpetuating the act. If what is being done is not against the law or humanity but still not approved or acceptable by society, the act may become notorious in the eyes of the public but well be enjoyable and satisfying to the perpetrator. I viewed from this perspective, it looks to me that “notorious” can have yet another meaning.


Farce is Real

Given any situation that results in it becoming farcical is surely and must be unintentional because no one sets out to start or perform any act just to look stupid. Accidents, unexpected interruptions and a whole host of causes can easily turn what was planned as a real, factual or an entertaining exercise into a farcical result. In that sense farce is real because it happens all the time in all our lives. Acceptance of that reality is surely the only way to go.