Still Down

Recently when a man raped his daughters friend, he escaped any form of retribution because of the pleas of his daughter. Totally unfair but the family was helpless against the possible break up of the family. The victim is is still down but hopefully not. We are engaging with the family to see if we can arrive at a solution that achieves justice

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The small people have endless barriers in getting sound legal advice, mental health advice, motivational assistance and spiritual guidance. Cost and social strength can impede any attempt to seek redress, counselling and personal directions. Professional assistance is a huge cost.

We are a group of retired professionals who want to give back to society some of what has been so generously given to us. We want to offer this service on a personalized basis and not on a mass basis. We want to communicate with you on a one-on-one basis. All you need to do is to leave us a message here as to how to contact you via email and we can take it from there. Do not worry about cost. That is the least of the issues here.

Security and professional regulations hinders us from providing our contact details on the mass media. Thus this method of establishing the first contact.

All matters, identities and discussions will be strictly confidential.