It is an excessively labelled condition. Perhaps it is the trademark of incurable negativity. The slightest sign of being or feeling sad is quickly self branded as depression. We like to think that true depression is a clinical condition which lay persons need not resort to calling each and every condition as being depressed.


Small Problems Big Worries

Every personal problem is borne by the owner of that problem. To each, his own problem becomes a huge problem. What we want to and can do is to dissect, disassemble and reassemble issues in proper perspective – we seek to help society to look at life in good measure – not exaggerated or diminished evaluations to kid themselves.

Need God

Modern living seems to deny God. Many of us want to experience God before believing that there is a God. Equally there are those who know God but have walked away from Him. Where are you now? Do you need to share your feeling with those of us who have walked that road? All you need to do is to contact us and we will take it from there. Remember there is no costs or obligations.